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Union Biometrica, Inc. to exhibit at the 2012 MetroFlow Fall Meeting

This meeting will focus on polychromatic flow cytometry, with presentations by the following guest speakers:
  • Carol Oxford, University of California, Davis
  • Tim Bushnell, University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Pratip Chattopadhyay, Vaccine Research Center, NIH
  • Stephen DeRosa, University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
  • Brent Wood, University of Washington and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
Additional information regarding the meeting is available at: or by clicking on the attached flier.
Not attending the meeting? You can visit us on the web at or contact us at to talk to one of our applications scientists.
About Union Biometrica, Inc.
Union Biometrica designs and markets Large Particle Flow Cytometers (COPAS™ and BioSorter®) for objects that are too large / too fragile for traditional cytometers and offer an alternative to manual sorting under a microscope. These systems sort and dispense objects based on size and fluorescent parameters. Automating this process offers increased speed, sensitivity, quantification, and repeatability of experiments.
·         For examples of Stem Cell and Cell Cluster screens - including hiPS and embryoid bodies as well as other types of large cells / cell clusters including adipocytes, neurospheres, duct cells and pancreatic islets – please see:

·         Peer reviewed journal papers referencing the sorting of model organisms using our COPAS™ and BioSorter® instruments can be viewed using the links below.



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