Fluidics and Optics Core Assemblies

A single BioSorter instrument is able to cover the entire 10 to 1500 micron sample range by use of interchangeable Fluidics and Optics Core Assemblies (FOCA). Each is an optimized assembly of flow cell, matching pre-aligned beam focusing optics and fluidics components to facilitate changeover from one size range to the next.

Additional FOCA can be added to your system whenever your departmental needs expand.

BioSorter Fluidics Diagram

Fluidics and Optics Core Assembly (FOCA) Diagram

The size of the sample objects determines which Fluidics and Optics Core Assemblies are required. The following chart shows some general guidelines. Our applications scientists have years of hands-on experience running thousands of samples and can help you better refine the choice. Click here to talk to our staff by email or telephone.

BioSorter Fluidics and Optics Core Assemblies (FOCA) 250 µm 500 µm 500 µm Metallic Free 1000 µm 2000 µm
  Object size range (microns) 10-200 20-400 20-400 30-750 30-1500
  Recommended object size (microns) 20-150 40-300 40-300 200-700 500-1500
Sample Type Size/Stage of Object          
Small Model Organisms            
   C. elegans embryo to adult R O*      
  synchronized adults R R      
   D. melanogaster embryo to 1st instar   R      
  1st and 2nd instar       R  
  3rd instar         R
  D. rerio

embryo to larvae (2-7dpf)

larvae (2-7dpf)







   Arabidopsis &
seeds, early seedlings       R  
Large Cells & Cell Clusters            
   Adipocytes        . R .     
   Duct Cells
   (kidney, breast,
  R O      
   Hepatocytes   R O      
   Pancreatic Islets     O   R  
   Stem Cells   R        
   Embryoid Bodies   O R   O  
R = Recommended O = Optional          

* Size resolution with 500 µm not as good as with 250 µm, Fluorescence is OK, Speed reduced by 1/2.
** Bead sizes are "swollen" sizes in water (not dry).

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