COPAS Vision Accessory Modules

A variety of optional modules are available to add specific enhanced capabilities to your COPAS VISION system including choices of larger sample cups, an auto-sampler and an Oscillating Sample Introduction System (OSIS).

Sample Cups

In standard configuration, samples are introduced via a standard 50 ml conical tube (40 ml working volume) with suspended stirrer. For larger samples optional 750 ml and 1500 ml stirred sample cups are available.

Fig 1 – Sample Cup

LP Sampler™ (Large Particle Sampler)

Fig 2 - LP Sampler

The LP Sampler is the only automated sample introduction system designed specifically for gentle handling of large, fragile objects such as:

  • delicate cells/clusters (stem cell clusters, neurospheres, tumor spheroids)
  • viable small multicellular model organisms (nematodes, Drosophila, zebrafish larvae)
  • beads used as micro-carriers for clonal libraries
  • seeds and fragile plant tissue

This autosampler is ideal for objects ranging from 10 to 1500 microns in diameter. It is capable of gently aspirating those samples from multiwell plates or a petri dish and delivering them intact to Union Biometrica’s COPAS FP™ BioSorter® or VAST BioImager™ systems. It has the flexibility to handle a variety of standard or deep well plates including 24, 96 and 384.

Oscillating Sample Introduction System (OSIS)   

Fig 3 - Oscillating Sample Introduction System

The Oscillating Sample Introduction System (OSIS) gently agitates samples within a disposable syringe without using mechanical stirring. Designed for handling:

  • extremely delicate samples (adipocytes, plant protoplasts, etc.)
  • samples that tend to either float or sink with traditional stirring agitation
  • samples that benefit from disposable containers and tubing. OSIS can be used with a variety of disposable syringes ranging from 3 mL to 30 mL.