About Union Biometrica


Established in 1998, Union Biometrica is the pioneer in the development, manufacture, distribution and service of high throughput systems for the screening of "large" (10-1500 micron) particles. These systems can analyze sort and dispense objects that are too large or too fragile for traditional flow cytometers. Typical samples include:

  • Delicate large cells / cell clusters such as adipocytes, cardiomyocytes and myotubes, embryoid bodies, pancreatic islets, duct cells and hepatocytes
  • Viable small multi-cellular model organisms like C.elegans, D. melanogaster and D. rerio
  • Beads (cells growing in or on beads, bead-based libraries)
  • Seeds (Arabidopsis, tobacco), pollen and certain types of fungi (Aspergillus)

Union Biometrica's proprietary COPAS FP and BioSorter systems are helping to accelerate research in application areas such as genetic and compound screening, functional genomics, target identification / validation, and in vivo toxicology HTS. Using one of our systems, researchers can analyze, sort, and dispense objects with a higher precision and speed than any other commercially available technique, thereby dramatically reducing the time required for experiments and even enabling new experiments that previously were not feasible.

Union Biometrica's cytometry product line features the COPAS FP, BioSorter and VISION large particle flow cytometers which are capable of sorting objects by length, optical density, and multiple channels of fluorescence. In addition, our newest platform is the VAST BioImager which facilitates HTS zebrafish imaging for genetics research, drug development, and toxicology screening.

Union Biometrica Inc. is a privately owned Delaware corporation. With headquarters in Holliston, Massachusetts, we are located in the heart of the world-renowned greater-Boston educational and biotechnology district. Union Biometrica BVBA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Union Biometrica Inc., provides sales, service and applications support for our European customers. We maintain a fully equipped applications laboratory and customer support offices in both Holliston (MA) and Aalst, Belgium. In other countries including Asia-Pacific we do business via a world-wide network of local distributors.