BioSorter Platform Overview

BioSorter Platform Overview

The BioSorter instrument is designed for laboratories where a single instrument needs to address the requirements of multiple researchers and sample types; hence it is ideal for departmental shared equipment (core laboratory) facilities.

The BioSorter® is a continuous flow system capable of analyzing, sorting and dispensing objects ranging in size from 10 to 1,500 µm. Relative axial size is measured by an axial light-loss detector and optical density is determined by the total integrated signal of the light blocked.The fluorescence intensity can be simultaneously measured at three different wavelengths as determined by the excitation and emission filters in the system.

The system is controlled by a Windows® based workstation utilizing FlowPilot™ or FlowPilot-Pro™ software with real-time data acquisition via on-board customized electronics. Additional copies of the software are available for off-line post-run data analysis.

Using FlowPilot software, real-time analysis of the measured parameters is used to make sort decisions. Only those objects meeting the user-selected sort criteria are dispensed into multiwell plates, tubes or stationary receptacles. Those objects not meeting the sort criteria are gently deflected to a separate container where they may be recovered, unharmed and viable.

Instrument parameters and sample data are displayed on a large format LCD display; a second monitor is optional.

Each BioSorter system includes a fluidics caddy which organizes the reservoirs, waste container and pumps into a single, roll-around module.

Samples are introduced via a 50 ml conical tube (40 ml working volume) with suspended stirrer. For larger samples we offer optional 750ml and 1.5L stirred cupsFor handling extremely delicate samples (adipocytes, plant protoplasts, etc.) and for samples that tend to either float or sink in a standard sample cup, a flow-through 5 or 10 ml rotating sample introduction chamber with integrated agitator is also optional.

An X-Y-Z stage allows dispensing into 24-, 48-, 96-, or 384-well multiwell plates, tubes and bulk receptacles. The z-direction allows adjustment for different height plates (deep well plates) and tubes.

High Throughput Screening features include liquid level sensors as well as automatic sample and pressure controls for walk-away operation.