VAST Imagers

VAST FluoroImager Platform

Automated Positioning for Fluorescent Imaging

Fig. 1: VAST Fluoroimager SystemFig. 1: VAST Fluoroimager System

The VAST FluoroImager automates positioning of 2-7 dpf zebrafish larvae. The larvae are oriented accurately and reproducibly within a glass capillary using a set of rotational motors. Included with the VAST FluoroImager:

  • Ability to load, position, and rotate a larva to a user selected orientation
  • On-board 10µm resolution camera captures precise images
  • 360° imaging consisting of brightfield and 1-3 fluorescent channels
    • Channel LEDs: 385nm (Violet), 470nm (Blue), 565nm (Green)
    • Channel filters: 445nm, 512nm, 615nm
  • Ability to generate Optical Projection Tomography (OPT) datasets with the VASTomography software
  • Cellular level imaging by mounting to an upright microscope
  • Seamless larva ejection and reloading from bulk reservoir

Capillary/fluorescence illumination module

Composed of the capillary unit of the VAST BioImager with the addition of the fluorescence module containing the LEDs and detectors for capturing fluorescence from the larvae.

Fig. 1: VAST Fluoroimager System

Side View

Shows the capillary module on the right and the fluorescence illumination module to the left.

Fig. 1: VAST Fluoroimager System

Capillary/Fluorescence Illumination Module (left) and Control Module (right)

Samples are introduced via a standard 50 ml sample cup with a gentle, suspended stirring mechanism.

Fig. 1: VAST Fluoroimager System

FluoroImager mounted on an upright microscope

For cellular level imaging. Many different manufacturers make upright scopes that are compatible with this system.

Fig. 1: VAST Fluoroimager System

Instrument Size

Control Module:
30 x 28 x 33 cm (depth x width x height)
Weight: 5.9 kg

Capillary/fluorescence illumination Module:
32 x 47 x 12 cm (depth x width x height)
Weight: 6 kg


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