COPAS Infinity

Measured Parameters

Thirty-one fundamental parameters are recorded for each object as it is analyzed by the COPAS Infinity. Six detector work together to simultaneously gather optical data on every object in the sample:

  • Optical density / optical extinction (EXT)
  • Axial length / Time of Flight (TOF)
  • Forward and Side scatter light (FS & SS)
  • Simultaneous detection of four colors of fluorescence (FLU)
  • Location and size information about regions within each object
  • Intensity peaks, position, number and magnitude in optical density and fluorescence within each object

COPAS Infinity instruments allow for analysis and detection of multiple fluorescence excitation and emission wavelengths. In the standard configuration, the instrument has fluorescence detectors for the green, yellow and red regions of the spectrum to cover the common fluorescent proteins excitation/emission wavelengths, as well as numerous other commercially available fluorophores.

Sorting rates vary with the concentration of the sample and percentage of the total sample that is being dispensed, but can range up to 100,000 events per hour.