COPAS Infinity

COPAS Infinity Platform Overview

Increased sensitivity in a smaller footprint

Introducing the most recent addition to the COPAS family – COPAS Infinity. Designed to accommodate the evolving needs of the modern lab, this platform combines a smaller footprint, aerosol containment, UV sterilization, sorting and high sensitivity optics with all the proven capabilities of COPAS cytometers. COPAS Infinity is sized for installation in a biosafety cabinet for biocontainment and possess expanded capabilities for sample analysis and sorting. As on all COPAS instruments, the range of sample sizes is accommodated by four configurations with different flow cell sizes. COPAS Infinity-250, Infinity-500, Infinity-1000, and Infinity-2000 can accommodate samples ranging from 2 to 1500 microns in diameter across this product.

COPAS Infinity Large Particle Flow-Cytometer with Sorting

COPAS Infinity Large Particle Flow Cytometer with Sorting

The COPAS Infinity platform is designed for the measurement of objects ranging in size from 2-1500 microns in diameter. Each of the four COPAS Infinity models features an optimized fluidic path, flow cell and optics engineered for a specific subset of the size range delivering maximum sensitive, speed, accuracy and throughput. Instruments can dispense objects either into bulk receptacles or multiwell plates.

Each COPAS Infinity system can be equipped with up to three lasers. Six optical detectors measure up to 31 different fundamental parameters per each object in a sample. PIN diode detectors measure size, optical density and forward scattered light. Four PMT detectors measure side scatter and fluorescence emissions.

The real-time analysis of these measured parameters is used to make sort decisions. Only those objects meeting the user selectable sort criteria are gently dispensed into multiwell plates or tubes. The sorting chamber is enclosed providing aerosol containment and UV sterilization to enhance biosafety and sterility. Those objects not meeting the sort criteria are diverted by a puff of air to a sample recovery container where they may be recaptured, unharmed and viable.

COPAS Sorting Diagram

Instruments are equipped with an X–Y stage to permit the dispensing of objects into collection tubes and multiwell plates, including 24-, 48-, 96-, and 384-well plate formats. Using the FlowPilot™ software, users may custom design templates for additional plate formats. All systems are supplied with a Windows® workstation running FlowPilot™ software for operation and analysis.

Choosing a COPAS Infinity Model

Each COPAS Infinity system features a specially engineered fluidic path and flow cell optimized for a specific object size range to achieve the highest accuracy and sensitivity possible. The table shown at Choosing the Right Platform and Model summarizes the largest object size recommended for each COPAS Infinity model and also provides general system recommendations based on some sample applications. The applications listed are not exhaustive but simply meant to provide a general overview of system capabilities. For a more detailed discussion of your particular application, including those applications that are not listed here, please contact our applications scientists directly at