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Union Biometrica Inc. to exhibit at the XXI Conference on Bioencapsulation in Berlin, Germany

Large particle flow cytometry allows you to look at and analyze cells, cell-clusters and encapsulated cells and then sort these for further experimental investigations. Cell clusters and encapsulated cells provide avenues of exploration in cell-cell, cell-matrix and cell-substrate interactions.
At the conference we invite you to view a poster from the laboratory of Prof. Sebastián Chávez on fungal genetics entitled: Flow cytometry of microencapsulated filamentous microcolonies. 
The poster details how Union Biometrica’s COPAS™ large particle flow cytometer was used to sort and analyze filamentous fungi in monodispersed alginate microspheres which had been encapsulated using Cellena® Flow Focusing® technology. The flow cytometer was able to distinguish spores at various stages of germination within the alginate capsules, detect reporter gene expression, and allows for the screening of mutants that can be identified as a result of changes in these characteristics.
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Large Particle Flow Cytometry for Gentle Sorting --We provide Large Particle Flow Cytometers (COPAS™ and BioSorter®) for objects that are too large / too fragile for traditional cytometers and offer an alternative to manual sorting. These systems analyze and sort objects based on size and fluorescent parameters. Automating this process offers increased speed, sensitivity, quantification, and repeatability of experiments. 
Application notes referencing the sorting of fungi and small plant models using Union Biometrica’s instruments can be viewed via the links below.
Peer reviewed journal papers referencing our COPAS and BioSorter instruments can also be viewed using the links below.


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