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Union Biometrica, Inc. to exhibit at SLAS 2014

Union Biometrica congratulates Dr. Mehmet  Fatih Yanik on being named one of the 2014 SLAS Innovation Award finalists. Dr. Yanik is the inventor of the technology on which our VAST BioImager is based.  We encourage you to attend his presentation entitled: In Vivo Cellular-Resolution High-Throughput Whole-Animal Phenotyping

Join Dr. Rock Pulak, PhD for his presentation entitled: High throughput/high content technology for automated small model organism manipulation and analysis developed for C.elegans, Drosophila and zebrafish.


A necessary prerequisite for using small model organisms in a drug discovery setting is the need for tools combining high throughput / high content capabilities with physiologically-relevant assays. We present data from a suite of microfluidics-based technologies we have developed for small model organisms in drug discovery. This includes approaches for moving animal samples to wells of multiwell plates for screening chemical libraries, as well as instrumentation for subsequently moving these small model organisms to our BioSorter® large particle flow cytometer for analysis after incubation with a test compound. We show that the combination of autosampler and flow cytometer has several benefits. It provides consistency from day to day in assay set-up. It reduces variability introduced by human manipulation and set-up. It provides quantitative data collection for analysis, instead of qualitative subjective interpretation. This approach also results in a significant increase of throughput when using small model organisms in drug screens. We have also developed an imaging device for increasing the throughput of image collection of zebrafish larvae. Two to seven day old larvae are collected and oriented for image or video capture. This instrumentation can be coupled with the autosampler allowing for automated analysis of zebrafish larvae from wells of multiwell plates used in drug discovery. We present data collected to assess the use these technologies in high throughput and high content assays.  


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About Union Biometrica, Inc.

Large Particle Flow Cytometry for Gentle Sorting -- Union Biometrica offers tools for high throughput research of bead based assays, stem cells and cell clusters (iPS cells and embryoid bodies as well as other types of large cells / cell clusters) plus model organisms (early stages of zebrafish, C.elegans, Drosophila embryos and larvae, sea urchin embryos, Xenopus eggs and embryos, Daphnia, various marine larvae and zooplankton). We provide Large Particle Flow Cytometers (COPAS™ and BioSorter®) for objects that are too large / too fragile for traditional cytometers and offer an alternative to manual sorting. These systems analyze and sort objects based on size and fluorescent parameters. Automating this process offers increased speed, sensitivity, quantification, and repeatability of experiments. 

Publications related to the VAST BioImager can be view at:

Peer reviewed journal papers referencing the sorting of zebrafish using our COPAS and BioSorter instruments can be viewed using the link below.



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