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Union Biometrica, Inc. to exhibit at Entomology 2013

Union Biometrica, Inc. is a leader in Tools for High Throughput Model Organism Research and has developed instrumentation that automates many of the steps of handling insects at various early stages of their development and allowing for large scale studies and increased throughput in data collection. “With our technology, researchers can address questions and pursue experiments they never would have even dreamed of undertaking in the past, “  says Rock Pulak, PhD, scientific director at Union Biometrica. “We provide tools for the gentle handling, dispensing and analysis of embryos and larvae of various insects.” The instrumentation is developed around the principles of flow cytometery with modifications to handle the larger sized objects, like insect eggs, embryos and larvae. These kinds of samples can be analyzed and dispensed intact owing to the low sample pressures, low shear forces and the gentle sorting mechanism of this flow cytometer instrumentation. The dispensing capabilities of these instruments provides the mechanization for automating the setup of studies in multiwall plates, allowing for such experiments as the screening of large chemical libraries. “This is very exciting because it brings the high throughput screening capabilities to the study of insects. This “big” science approach is important in that it provides a path to developing a better understanding of the basic biology of these insects but also the difficult task of finding better ways to control some of the pests that are a burden to human health and agriculture.”
Please visit us in booth #300 to learn more about our BioSorter®, COPAS™ and LP Sampler™ technologies.
To better understand the role our instrumentation is playing in the field of drug screening and development, see Drug Discovery and Development’s recent article entitled “Ninety-six wells of Flies on a Plate” at:


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