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Profiling for BioSorter® Instruments – Upgrading from the standard FlowPilot™ software to FlowPilot-Pro™

Expand the Capability of Your System by Mapping Fluorescence Positional Information.

A quick comparison of COPAS and BioSorter software upgrade options:

There are two upgrades available for the basic COPAS™ software. The AAP (Advanced Acquisition Package)™ includes advanced electronics and enhanced software analytical tools that permit significantly greater data acquisition rates, increased data resolution, and faster object flow rates. The Profiler II™ option package builds upon AAP. See AAP & Profiler brochure for details.

The standard BioSorter software (known as FlowPilot™) includes all the features and capabilities of AAP built-in as standard plus additional capabilities specific to the BioSorter Instrument. The advanced BioSorter software package known as FlowPilot-Pro™ adds all the capabilities of Profiler II.

To learn more about expanding the capability of your system, please download the accompanying PDF document below.


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