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Advancing Coastal Research: EMBL Advanced Mobile Laboratory Deploys State-of-the-Art Large Particle Flow Cytometry for TREC Expedition

Unlocking coastal secrets: EMBL’s TREC expedition aims to understand effects of climate change and pollution on coastal ecosystems.
Traversing European Coastlines (TREC), the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) embarks on a groundbreaking scientific voyage to tackle pressing environmental issues. Amidst the expedition spanning 2023-2024, researchers diligently gather crucial biological samples and environmental data along Europe's diverse coastline. This ambitious initiative seamlessly blends ocean exploration, led by our core partner EMBRC, the Tara Ocean Foundation and the Tara Oceans Consortium, with comprehensive sampling of soil, sediment, shallow water, and select model organisms across various habitats. EMBL's land-based mobile services, in collaboration with local marine research institutions, provide indispensable support throughout the endeavor. 
Critical to comprehending the intricacies of marine ecosystems, particularly algae and photosynthetic plankton, is the meticulous collection and analysis of samples in their natural habitats. These samples undergo rigorous examination employing cutting-edge techniques to unveil their secrets. Union Biometrica's state-of-the-art image-assisted large particle flow cytometer emerges as a cornerstone technology, playing a pivotal role in achieving the expedition's objectives. 
Central to the success of the TREC expedition is the EMBL Advanced Mobile Laboratory, equipped with the Union Biometrica COPAS VISION™ large particle flow cytometer and other essential tools for sample processing and metadata acquisition. This advanced mobile lab facility heralds a new era by bringing advanced technology and methodology directly to the field. It enables unparalleled experimental standardization, facilitates high-end fresh sample processing, and seamlessly integrates data—ushering in a transformative approach to coastal research.
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