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Session Information
Session Title: Genomics   Session Type: Poster
Session Location: Pauley Pavilion   Session Time: Sunday - Tuesday
Abstract Information
Poster Board Number: 1294C   Presentation Time: TUE, June 28, 2005, 1:30-3:00PM
Keywords: KW35 - Functional genomics
Abstract Content
A French functional genomics platform. Aurélie Blanc1, Yohann Duverger1, Jérôme Reboul2, Daniel Wong1, Jonathan Ewbank1. 1) Centre d’Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy, INSERM/CNRS/Université de la Méditerranée, Marseille, France; 2) INSERM UMR 599, Institut Paoli Calmette, Marseille, France.

   For the last two years, we have offered a service of worm sorting based around the Union Biometrica COPAS platform. The COPAS machine is fully equipped with Zymark twister robot, allowing automated analysis of multiple 96 well plates, and the Profiler that generates 500 individual fluorescence measurements per worm. This equipment has been applied to a wide range of biological questions. They include quantifying the level of fluorescent reporter gene expression, large-scale RNAi and genetic screens and combinatorial library drug screening. Examples of each will be presented.
   This platform is now part of a fully integrated functional genomics facility open to the academic community (see http://www.ciml.univ-mrs.fr/EWBANK_jonathan/RIO.html). Other resources include the ORFeome (developed in Marc Vidal’s laboratory), and Julie Ahringer’s RNAi library, together with whole-genome microarrays. For the latter, through a collaboration with the Genome Sequencing Center at Washington, and the transcriptome platform at Nice, we have spotted the Illumina long oligo set onto glass slides and provide microarrays to the French C. elegans community.
   This French functional genomics platform has been made possible through funding from the National Genopole network, Marseille-Nice genopole , the CNRS and collaboration with Union Biometrica.
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