Small Multicellular Animals: D. melanogaster

Below please find applications for D. melanogaster. You may also see related D. melanogaster and Imaginal Disc articles in our Publications area.

Sorting Embryos with Sex-Specific GFP-Expression (QTN-006)

Sex-Specific GFP-Expression in Embryos and Sorting using the COPAS Flow Cytometer (QTN-006)

Sorting Drosophila Imaginal Discs (QTN-005)

Fluorescent Imaginal Disc Analysis and Sorting using the COPAS Flow Cytometer (QTN-005)

Rapid Drosophila Embryo Sorting

Automated High Speed Analysis and Sorting of Drosophila Embryos (ANS-01)

Rare Drosophila Embryo Sorting

Isolation of Rare Flourescent Expressing Embryos from a Large Population (ANS-02)