Small Multicellular Animals: Zebrafish (D. rerio)

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Union Biometrica now offers SideView™ Imaging Microplates. These 96-well plates include prisms between the wells to facilitate viewing the fish from the side using a standard microscope.

3D Tomographic Visualization of Zebrafish Larvae Using the VAST BioImagerâ„¢ (QTN-026)

3/13/2020 12:00:00 AM

High-Throughput Craniofacial Development Phenotyping in Zebrafish using VAST BioImager (QTN-024)

1/4/2017 12:00:00 AM

D. rerio Analysis and Sorting: High throughput screening of innate immune responses in zebrafish embryos

Profiling of live D. reriolarvae using the COPAS XL instrument.  Work performed in collaboration with the Spaink Laboratory, University of Leiden (ANXL-02)

Zebra Fish Sorting: Live embryos vs. Dead eggs

Automated Detection and Sorting of live D. rerio embryos from dead D. rerio eggs using the COPAS XL instrument (ANXL-01)