Laboratory Technician Internship - Summer 2020

Laboratory Technician Internship - Summer 2020


Union Biometrica, Inc. develops advanced flow cytometry and imaging tools for today’s real world genetics and toxicology research laboratories. We are offering Biology Internships focused on the scientific testing of new instrumentation that automates processes traditionally done by hand.


Duties include:

  • Routine use of flow cytometers and automated imaging devices developed at Union Biometrica.Inc.
  • Evaluate prototype instruments in development
  • Wet lab duties which include maintaining C. elegans and zebrafish populations (Can be trained on the job.)



  • Candidate with a strong knowledge of biology -- developmental biology preferable
  • Candidate must be enrolled in an Associate’s Degree or Certificate program or have completed one within the past year.
  • Strong communications skills -- fluency in verbal and written English required
  • Good problem solving skills and familiarity with scientific methods
  • Hands-on, mechanical aptitude
  • Comfortable working both independently and as part of teams
  • Prior experience in flow cytometry is desirable but not required
  • This internship is offered in cooperation with the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC).  Interns must also meet the eligibility requirements of this program.  Information and registration with the MLSC can be found at:


Union Biometrica is a privately owned equal opportunity employer.  We are a small team of highly motivated scientists & engineers best known for our specialty flow cytometers for high speed analysis and gentle sorting of objects which are too large or fragile for traditional flow cytometers.  Examples include:  small model organisms (C. elegans, D. melanogaster, zebrafish), large fragile cells/cell clusters (pancreatic islets, stem cell clusters, adipocytes, tumor spheroids, organoids and duct cells), and cells growing in or on beads.  Our newest product is the VAST BioImager system for automating zebrafish imaging. (


Good people are our most important asset.  This is a US based internship located in the Greater Boston area (Holliston, MA). A resume and cover letter can be sent directly to



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